About This Site

Hello visitors, welcome to OneOnian.

My name is Yuan He, sometime I go by One. The word, OneOnian, was first invented by a friend referring to my self-invented rational approach in solving dreadful calculations of Electromagnetic Fields back in my college years. Now, it represents those original ideas that I want to share with the world.

Within the OneoOnian domain, you will find two main blog pages. The Money Talk speaks to my passion in everything investing, my first self discovered passion back in 2007. Now I found it to be my way to maintain a healthy living in the physical world.

In life talk, it speaks to my passion in everything has to do with re-discovering the inner self. An self realization that was discovered after reading through countless books in this genre which I truly felt aligned with my inner soul. The life talk is about re-discovering the healthy self in the metaphyiscal world.