Writer’s Journal #1 ­- Outcomes Reflection


  • The writing outcomes in this class help to define what “academic writing” means for our English 101 community and for many academic writing communities. They help us understand what academic writing and writers should aspire to, but they can also help us compose in other contexts, for other purposes, and with other audiences.DIRECTIONSFor this first Writer’s Journal assignment, please think about what you have learned this week, and answer the following questions:

    – What do you find surprising about the course outcomes?
    – What do you find confusing about the course outcomes?
    – What do the course outcomes tell you about academic writing, and how is this different from or similar to writing you do in other contexts of your life?

    Be sure to be as detailed and thorough as possible, and use examples to help explain your response.




One of the reasons that I enjoy learning from an academic coursework is the structure. It always follow a particular set of framework grounded in research and proven techniques. The purpose of this course outcome is well defined as well. It focuses in five parts:

1. Rhetorical knowledge

2. Critical Thinking

3. Writing Process

4. Knowledge of conventions

5. Ability to compose in multiple environment