Chapter – Lots

Outline (to be revisited later)

– min and max of lots

-min: commission rates, transaction numbers, value

-max:limit the max number, concentrated, too many too diversified.

-concept: manageable, scalability, performance, sectors, percentage

Chapter – Investment is a religion

Outline (to be revisited later)

-Books of Mark, Luke, John, Matthew, all have a central point vs. books of graham, Fisher, blah blah

 -A dedication with study groups, analysis, research. Deep understanding

-devotion and contribution

-Character, morals, how to treat your neighbors vs treat stocks as individual. abandon ship when neighbor when friend get moody?

-Religion achieved through yourself, not through your priest or broker.

blah blah

Oneonian First Investment Book – Intro

Ok, I am going to dedicate this section to the random chapters I am going to compose for my first book. The intend of the book is not to describe a magic formula nor re-cap the sound strategies that were set forth in so many great books before us. I want to contribute new sound ideas, oneonian ideas, that were not previously covered. Recall in the movie Wall Street, there was a phrase that really stick onto me of something like, “Instead buy or selling other people properties, go produce something.” However, one simply cannot round off any good investment book without mention some of the most basic building blocks, such as Mr. Market, Margin of Safety, Great Company at bargain price, so forth.

At this time, I think I will compose three main categories in the book: mental, emotion, attitude, perception of Mr. Market, rhinophobia, etc. category; technical category like understanding overall economics, big and small picture, how to research company, financial statements, marginals, options, future, limits, investing, speculating, etc. category; and a third category that I have not noticed in any book but I think it’s essential if you wish to become a GREAT investor, not a profitable investor but a great investor, is the wisdom, personal well-being, up-bring, training, social skills, ethics, character, category.

Anyway, this is of my initial concept how the book will be divided. The content of the book will be in a series of short chapters or stories. My aim is to give each chapter a single point and write some wits to attest it, hopefully I am able to make it easy and fun to read, maybe like as in “Where are the customer’s yachts?”

I don’t like the idea of re-word other people’s idea, readers should pay great respects to those forefathers that originated and had share their great wisdom with us. But like I mentioned, fail to mention these wisdom, would simply render my book incomplete. As a compromise, if the chapter is not of an oneonian (my originated) idea, I will reference the original work in text following the chapter name, and eager readers to read the original context to fully grasp the idea and respect the original author. Maybe leave some catchy lines that would elude the readers to buy or read the original books themselves.

I will continuing to edit these pages, these posts may change from day to day. Please critic freely so I don’t embarrass myself when I finally publish it.

I think the total time-line for writing this book will be around three years as of today August 28th, 2007.