Expect Less Entries on My Blog

As I continue to strive to learn, understand, and amend my own investment principles, I come to be more ignorant of market outlooks and those of professional advisors’ opinions and analysis. I understand now why great investment publications such as Outstanding Investor Digest (OID) publish occasionally and only when it finds news worthy of writing. The day to day market news and speculations are irrelevant and better to be left ignored for those long term investors who generally follow the similar principles of Phil Fisher or Benjamin Graham. This is not to say stop reading news altogether. We need to continue monitor those companies related to our stocks with heedful attentions, separate the facts about companies underlying status from the speculations. As I monitor each of my companies, I feel more and more confident about my portfolio. It is not likely for me to alter the compositions within short period of time. As such, I will start to diverge my time from readings of useless columns from the financial forecasts and advisors, and concentrate on studies that will be much more meaningful to my future growth such as study for CFA and Series 7. Until, I identified the next potential company or find something worthy of writing, you can expect fewer entries on my blog page. But please come back at least every quarter to find my new OneOnian Fund Quarterly Reports. Thanks for reading.

Bear Owns Thanksgiving, Bull Runs Christmas

There is an old saying on Wall Street. True or not, I do not know, I read it for the first time today that

“Bear Owns Thanksgiving, Bull Runs Christmas”

I can understand the Bull part, but why bearish during Thanksgiving? And there is only one month in between. Does this mean last quarter of year is when stock in most gyration? So if it were true, then you can buy in Thanksgiving and sell in Christmas and have a happy new year. hmmm…

GRMN out on map business, shares go up,

GRMN is officially out on the bid war for map makers. I thought it was an expensive and bad take over decision for GRMN in the first place. However it may very well be, GRMN original bid was a strategical move to force TOMTOM to raise their take over price. Tom-tom’s takeover will hardly be profitable financially in itself and having taken over another unprofitable subsidiary it will take some time to recover from debts and etc.  

With some personal exposure to the map industry and incorporated it into strategical systems, I doubt the maps are that hard to make. Some expert suggested maps like Navteq or teleatlas provide would take about a billion dollars and about 10years to make. It might even be less than that. One thing for certain is that by building a map system from ground up, it would save lots money or about 2.3 billions worth compare to the current price tag of TeleAtlas at 3.3Billions from Tom-Tom’s offer. GRMN can now build maps to suit its systems and with likely possibilities of a few intellectual properties in the way to make GRMN products unique.

In the meanwhile, GRMN will still have ample supplies of maps until 2019 with NAvTEQ. Out of this instance, I see GRMN as a dominant player with a smart “head on its shoulder.”

Where is Yuan?

I haven’t post much lately due to readings, research, and a “side attachment”. Titan is a thick book about 700 pages and a time sink, but a rather enjoyable one. I finally finished it after like 20hours of reading spread little over 3 weeks. I will give myself some time to reflect and absorb the life of J Rockefeller before I write its review. In the meantime, I picked up “common stock and uncommon profit” based on Buffett’s references, which should be a much easier and briefer reading than the previous one.

Amid of all my works, readings and writings, I looked into NASD now the FINRA and NASAA exams and licensees. It seems to me, at this point at least, the CFA and NASD series 7 exams ought to be my next near future goals as my desire to to take my financial interests onto the next level. However, S7 requires NASD sponsorship, which I am currently seeking. Free feel to refer or provide this to me.

Side attachment you ask? well let’s just say, the weather lately is cold and rainy, I wonder when the sun will shine and provide some warmth.

Response on Current Market Outlook

Someone asked my option on Market Outlook today, here I posted my reply verbatim 

Well, investors are bunch scared kids, when something bad slightly surfaces, they run around and cry to their mommies. Financials are down and might even get uglier as more reports comes out, but what’s the reasons for dragging other sectors down? Like tech and China? Market today are so integrated, if one sector down, whole market is down, due to all those diversifications, like increasingly more index funds, mutual funds, investment pools. So I would GUESS, market would continue to go down on more bad credit news and yet-to-come dollar news. Two news add together, could take us to a longer recession.

Like Predicated China will invest in itself

Recall what I said previously, that China is going to use its massive reserves to invest in itself?


 well here is an article that just confirmed my predication.


Of course, now if you could invest in the same companies before China does, demand is going to push the price higher. Like I said before, China is not willing to risk big as it venture into the equity investment arena. It is going to gamble small and invest in Blue-Chip companies and financial institutes. So what’s the biggest company in China? PTR, CHL