New Chinese Steel Company Added to Watchlist TNRO

TNRO is a Chinese steel company in Shandong. The financials are rather weak at current time, but it’s continuing to expand in facilities and increase revenue and net income at a gigantic growth of over 800%. I will keep this under a close watch and keep you updated. for all SEC files look under

The bearish take on China

As China continues to rampage through the stock markets, far outpacing the underlying economic growth of 12% annual, compare to 500% of increase in Shanghai Index since 2005 (225% annual). No doubt bearish stories will begin to surface. According to my dad, his analytical statistics and pattern studies suggest crash near February of 2008.  We shall continue to monitor the market, and pay special attention to the movements of $1.7 trillion dollars in China reserve.

Here is one link. 

Brought 120 Shares of CREE at $26.57

I been watching CREE for a while now, you can search for “CREE” to find my previous articles. I expected a dip before the earnings tomorrow and now I got it. The question was to buy before or after the earnings, I expect another dip after earnings, if report is indifferent. I chose the former. 2 reasons. First, from their balance sheet, their quarterly net income is much in gyration and their last quarter operating income is in the red. I do not think the negative operating income will continue into this quarter earnings. So I predict the earnings will go up from last quarter. The second reason is FED Rate, which is tomorrow. I don’t anticipate a rate drop, but even more certain they won’t raise the rate. So no drawback there, if for some reason, they lower the rate, I will profit from it.

One More Reason to Buy China

OK on top of the millions of reasons to invest in China that I already mentioned, (you can find them in my 2007 3rd quarterly report at, here is one more. Numerous Chinese companies are listed in HonkKong or US market through ADR, but not in the Chinese Domestic market like in ShangHai (see the Pretty Girl Effect). Well, this will slowly change. More and more chinese companies will open its door to its domestic investors, like what we see currently with PetroChina. PTR is up 10% today, 25% in past a few days, due to its expected IPO in ShangHai market. According to some other sources, domestic valuations are 30% higher than other markets, arbitrage will eventually balance this out perhaps, regardless, with new IPOs of existing large Companies that are already listed in other stock markets, will further drive these Chinese companies up in price.

CREE on the lookout, approaching buy limit

With 2008 Q1 earnings coming out at 10/18, I expect there will be some drop on the 16 and 17th. Traders with holdings of CREE that was based on Speculative Buyout rumors will probably get a scare and sell out before betting to earnings. I changed my buy limit from $25 down to $23. Will keep a close eye on it from 16th to 17th for, hopefully, the lowest entry point.

Q3 Result up 33.47%

Q3 Results are updated on main website .

This quarter has a composite yield of 33.47% up 17.27% from previous quarter, and up 31.91% compare to S&P500’s 1.56% 3rd quarter gain.

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Detailed 3rd quarter report coming soon.

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