English hasn’t always been my dominate language. I first came to US when I was 10 and I had to start the language by learning the alphabet. Eventually I became more fluent in English than Chinese. However, I often find my inner thoughts to be in strange conflicts. Sometime I think in Chinese and sometime I think in English, mostly depends on the thought or the experience of where I first acquired. But in time, my English never reached a proficiency that I felt comfortable in writing to the masses.

This year, in my attempt to share my views and ideas in OneOnian Life Talk and preparation for writing my first book, I am committed to polish up my writing composition. Thanks to the recent expansions of the free  Massive Open Online Courses or MOOC, I will be taking a few classes. Ideally, I am hoping all of the course works will align with development of the Life Talk blog and my book. My first course in EDX, ENG 101 offered by ASU, just happens to support such endeavor. The central course work is involved with development of an ePorfolio, which I will use to show case my Life Talk blog. Hence, everything under this heading will be used to complete my course works for the class. Hopefully, I will generate a few pieces that will also provide good background to the Life Talk Blog as well.


Reference: WPA Writing Outcome Statement